Harassment Compliance Training


1) On-Site Group Training for your employees

Harassment Compliance Training having extensive knowledge of HR and disciplinary/corrective action, makes us uniquely suited to conduct training with employees who require intervention as a result of an internal investigation or complaint.

2) Virtual Live Group Training (Zoom) This is a highly recommended training mode.

Our Corrective Action Awareness training is suitable for situations where corrective-action is needed for one employee. Positive discipline training is an integral part of any response to an internal complaint and where corrective action is needed.

3) Pre-Recorded or Self Paced Programming

Is the employee aware of the severe legal liability of sexual harassment and abusive conduct, or has no experience with the reputational harm caused by sexual harassment allegations. Corrective Action Awareness training can help pinpoint the issues and provide practical guidance on why their conduct is offensive and considered harassment.

4) Our Corrective Action Awareness Program - This is specialized one-to-one training/instruction to see whether an employee should be retained or potentially let go for liability.

We close a training series with a commitment from the employee that they will not repeat their unwanted behavior. Topics include conflict resolution, professional boundaries, diversity and inclusion, hostile work environments, and sexual harassment. The objective is to minimize potential future incidents and create an inclusive, equity-based workplace.

Online sexual harassment training is the most convenient way to learn about dealing with sexual harassment and also to know the further steps that can be made.

With the growth of technology and diverse working opportunities the workplace has got a dynamic workforce with the equalization of male and female workers; but with the growth of the work opportunities, harassment in the workplace has also got rapid growth which is very unfortunate. 

Ensuring a secure and respectful workplace environment for all employees is a must for employers. Regarding that, there have been developed numerous count of online sexual harassment training.

One of the most critical aspects of this transformation in the workforce is addressing the issue of sexual harassment on the premises. In California, employers are been seen to take proactive steps to combat this problem. 

An effective method to make awareness, and make the employees trained to deal with and face harassment, moreover taking action in further need is arranging online sexual harassment training – for employees. 

In today’s article, we will be discussing the available paid and free online courses on preventing sexual harassment and anti-harassment techniques.

In addition to our nationally recognized On site-In Person Training Programs, we offer these additional services: 

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Understanding the Effect of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a poisonous element that slowly poisons millions of individuals worldwide. In the USA it is against the principles of equality and human rights. 

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) requires employers; who have a team with five or more employees to arrange sexual harassment prevention training every two years for all their employees.

Sexual harassment can cause thousands of negative effects on personal life, workplaces, and overall society. 

Employees who experience harassment incidents commonly suffer from psychological challenges like distress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The emotional sketch can harm their self-esteem, job performance, and overall well-being even if it can cause unfortunate incidents such as suicide. Sexual harassment in the workplace creates a digesters environment that negatively impacts team collaboration and productivity.

 Often in fear of losing their jobs victims try to stay away from reporting incidents, which is another wrong step that might lead the victim to face severe harm or attack.  

Failure to address sexual harassment can lead to legal consequences, damage the company’s reputation, and create a toxic work culture.

Nationally recognized, Live – Online (Zoom), sexual-harassment, anti-bullying training. 
Online Sexual Harassment Training

Challenges in Traditional Training Methods

In traditional methods, sexual harassment training was conducted through in-person workshops or seminars. While these methods had good intentions, they often faced challenges such as scheduling conflicts, high costs, and difficulty reaching all employees, especially in large organizations or remote work setups. Moreover, the effectiveness of traditional training methods in changing attitudes and behaviors has been questioned.

The Rise of - Online Sexual Harassment Training

To address these challenges and enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of training, many organizations in California have turned to online sexual harassment training. This approach leverages modern technology to deliver engaging and interactive content that educates employees about the nuances of sexual harassment, its impact on victims and the workplace, and the appropriate channels for reporting incidents.

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Benefits of - Online Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is a very practical and powerful lesson to develop a safe and inclusive working environment for employees. 

With the blessings of modern technology, organizations can effectively train their workforce about the importance of preventing sexual harassment and empower them to take action if they witness or experience such incidents.

  • Accessibility: Online training allows employees to access the content conveniently, promoting a more flexible learning experience that fits into their busy schedules.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Employers can save costs for hiring trainers, renting venues, and arranging logistics for in-person workshops.

  • Consistency: Online training ensures that all employees receive the same content and information, reducing the risk of information gaps or misunderstandings.

  • Interactivity: Interactive elements like quizzes, case studies, and simulations keep employees engaged, fostering better retention of the training material.

  • Real-Life Scenarios: Online training often includes scenarios that employees may encounter in their workplaces, helping them develop practical skills for addressing and preventing harassment.

  • Ongoing Compliance: California law mandates employees receive sexual harassment training every two years. Online training platforms can track completion and send reminders to ensure compliance.

  • Cultivating a Safe Work Culture: By promoting awareness and providing tools to recognize and address harassment, online training contributes to cultivating a safe and respectful work culture.

Where to Find - Online Sexual Harassment Training - Providers:

Several reputable online training providers offer sexual harassment prevention courses specifically for California employers. Here are a few places where you can find these courses:

  • HR Consulting Firms: Many human resources consulting firms offer online training solutions that cater to sexual harassment prevention requirements in California.

  • E-Learning Platforms: Look for established e-learning platforms that offer courses on workplace compliance and harassment prevention.

  • Legal and Compliance Organizations: Some law firms and compliance organizations provide sexual harassment prevention training for employers in California.

  • Online Training Companies: Many online training companies specialize in workplace compliance and offer courses on sexual harassment prevention.

To choose the best online anti-harassment training provider you should follow a few steps like comparing their offerings, prices, and customer reviews to ensure you select and invest your money and time in the most suitable option for your personal-organizational needs. 

Joining sexual harassment prevention training is not only a legal requirement in some states like California. But also a prosperous step toward developing a respectful and safe workplace culture that benefits both employees and the organizations.


Though Harassment can be classified into different categories. But considering all other types sexual harassment is the most dangerous type of harassment. In our regular work life, we meet and work with various types of people, with different mentalities, and different opinions. 

We can not know what the next person is thinking inside. We have to be prepared to protect ourselves and our people at any moment. That’s why having sexual harassment prevention training is a must today.

In the daily busy work schedule and lifehold tasks, it becomes difficult to manage time and join a physical course on sexual harassment prevention. On that point attending online sexual harassment prevention training is the best option for individuals and working personnel.

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