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Harassment Compliance Training LLC. delivers training in all 50 States in the US in these three (3) formats – 1) on-site – 2) live virtual (zoom) – 3) and Pre-recorded, to fit your budget, to ease logistics on your end and to meet the needs of your workforce.

We deliver all three (3) formats in English and Spanish Languages and can accommodate Chinese and other languages upon request for on-site and live virtual trainings.

With the number of harassment complaints still steadily on the rise year after year according to national data, it was realized that what has been traditionally taught nationally was not making the impact on people and the workforce it should have. Thus Harassment Compliance Training LLC. developed an engaging, thought-provoking training program designed to address the the one thing that will prevent workplace harassment and bullying in most cases.

Nationally Recognized Workplace Training on Sexual Harassment / Bullying Prevention

Whether you need to get in compliance because of your state’s mandate or you’re seeking training for “best practices” so as to make a positive impact on your workforce culture, this is the training you need.


Are You In Complaince ? If Not, Then You Are Exposed !

Sexual harassment is the most common type of workplace harassment. Recent statistics show that more than half of all workers have suffered from some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Because of its prevalence and damaging affects on an organization’s productivity, morale, and culture, employers must try and actively prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. NOTE: Even if you are in a state that does not mandate training and a claim or action for harassment is made against a company by an employee, the civil courts will still look for what good faith efforts the company made to mitigate any damage prior to and after any claim having been made against a company for harassment and or bullying.

It’s Not a Matter of If, it’s a Matter of When

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Where can we send your free guide?